100+ Pure Tamil Baby boy Names With Meaning

Are you searching for a pure Tamil name for your newborn baby boy? If yes, congratulations! You have landed on the right website because on this page, you will find a list of 100+ pure Tamil baby boy names. Additionally, you will also get the pronunciation and meanings of the names, making it easier for you to decide. Apart from that, you will find unique, traditional, and names starting with specific letters like A, S, and M.

Pure Tamil Baby Names List With Meaning.

Pure Tamil Baby Boy Names

Naming a child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. It is the name that your child is going to be known by for the rest of their life. So, it’s important to find a name that reflects your family’s culture and traditions. In Tamil Nadu, the naming ceremony is known as the Namakaranam, which involves choosing the perfect name for the little bundle of joy.

To make your ceremony easier, we have uploaded a list of pure Tamil names below. Feel free to select your favorite names from the list:

Name Meaning
Kaviyan Poet
Thiran Brave
Vishruth Famous
Jeevanan Life-giver
Sarangan Lord Vishnu
Dharshan Vision or sight
Prithuvan Earthly
Raahith One who is free-spirited
Yuvithan Youthful
Varshan Rain
Ilanthirayan Young Moon
Kaivalyan Detached, solitary
Santhulan Balanced
Tharushan Lord Shiva
Aadhithan Sun
Kavinilavan Poet of the Moon
Hrithish Lord of Heart
Vithuran Clever, wise
Abirvithan Unshakeable faith

Boy Names In Tamil With Meaning.

Pure Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting with S

Name Meaning
Selvan Prosperous
Suryan Sun
Santhan Prosperous
Saran Shelter
Senthil Lord Murugan
Shyam Dark complexioned
Sivas Lord Shiva
Sudhan Goodness
Suman Good mind
Selvakumar Prosperous, Lord Murugan
Siddharth One who has attained enlightenment
Suriyan Sun
Senthuran Leader
Selvam Prosperity
Sakthi Power, energy
Silambarasan Lord Shiva
Sharan Shelter
Suthan Lord Murugan
Sarvesh Lord of all
Sriram Lord Rama

Pure Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Name Meaning
Arjun Bright, shining
Adhithya Sun
Ajay Unconquered
Anand Joy, happiness
Aravind Lotus
Abhinav New, innovative
Akash Sky
Aryan Noble, warrior
Anirudh Unconstricted
Ashwin Light, horse tamer
Arul Blessing
Aadhavan Sun
Anbu Love
Amith Boundless, limitless
Anjan Eye liner
Arush First ray of the morning sun
Adithan Sun
Aswin Light, horse tamer
Anoop Incomparable
Anshul Radiant

M Letter Names For Male Baby in Tamil

Name Meaning
Madhavan Lord Krishna
Manoj God’s gift
Mohan Charming
Mithran Friend
Mahesh Lord Shiva
Murugan Lord Murugan
Mukund Lord Krishna
Manikandan Lord Ayyappan
Mathivanan Blessed by God
Murali Flute
Madhan Cupid, God of Love
Mahilan A beautiful flower
Maran Brave, courageous
Mayuran Peacock
Magesh Lord Shiva
Mithun Friend
Mohit Enchanting
Manish God of the mind
Mugilan Charismatic
Milind Honey bee

Tips for Selecting the Best Name:

  • Research the Meaning – Make sure the name you choose has a positive meaning and reflects your family’s values.
  • Consider Nicknames – Think about potential nicknames that may arise from your chosen name.
  • Family Names – Consider incorporating family names into the baby’s name.
  • Think About the Future – Will your child’s name be appropriate for them at all stages of their life, from childhood through adulthood?
  • Say it Out Loud – Make sure the name you choose rolls off the tongue easily. Saying it out loud can help you determine this aspect of the name.

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Now that you have browsed through the collection of pure Tamil baby boy names, take your time to choose the one that speaks to you. Not only does it need to reflect your son’s unique personality but also be meaningful for generations to come. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or would like some additional assistance. We wish you and your family all the best on your Namakaranam! May your little one bring an abundance of joy and laughter in life!

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