165+ Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Are you looking for Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names for your daughter? If yes, congratulations! You have come to the right website. Here, you will find a list of all kinds of names for your little princess. We have published a list of Tamil ilakkiya, old, ancient, and historical names for you to explore. You can select the name you like from this list.

List Of Cute Tamil Baby Girl Names.

Tamil Baby Naming Ceremony

In Tamil Nadu, when a baby is born, a special ceremony called “Namakaranam” takes place 12 days later to decide the baby’s name. On this day, the family gathers, including parents and relatives, especially the elders. They all come together to think of a name for the newborn. Once the name is decided, the baby’s father softly whispers the name three times in the baby’s ear, and the baby is given a taste of a sweet.

After finalizing the name, people also give gifts such as gold, silver, money, toys, and baby clothes to bless and wish the child well.(Source).


Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names

Name Meaning
Thuya Charming or Graceful
Kanali Unique or Modern
Niralya Unique or Unmatched
Nila Moonlight or Sapphire
Ilakkiya Literature or Art
Kayalvizhi Eyes like a Lake or Charming Eyes
Valarmathi One who grows in knowledge or Knowledgeable person
Manjula Charming or Pleasing
Narumugai Smiling Face
Nalini Lotus, Purity, or Beauty
Selvi Beautiful or Elegant
Karkuzhali Charming Anklet
Akil Intelligent or Wise
Vadamozhi Language of the Country, Cultural Roots
Oviya Drawing or Artistic Expression
Kuvalai Bud or Flower Bud, Potential and Beauty
Menmai Truth or Honesty
Porkodi Unique or Modern
Thenmozhi Charming Language or Sweet Language
Akila Intelligent or Wise
Nani Beautiful or Enchanting
Kanimozhi Fruitful Language or Sweet Language
Inba Joy or Happiness
Mangai Lady or Woman
Nilani Moonlight or The Moon
Alli Flower, Beauty, or Grace
Yazhini Unique or Modern
Iniya Sweet or Charming
Malar Flower, Beauty
Muthu Selvi Pearl of Charm
Akam Love or Intimacy
Ruban Unique or Modern
Kayal Lake, Depth, or Calmness
Vennila White Moonlight
Velvizhi Warrior’s Eyes or Sharp Eyes
Kanmani Beautiful Like an Apple
Akilan Intelligent and Knowledgeable
Niraimathi Full Moon
Kaviya Poetry or Creative Expression
Vithiya Knowledgeable
Pavithra Pure and Sacred
Kirthika Star
Ambika Goddess Parvati
Arthika Wealthy and Prosperous
Devika Little Goddess
Janani Mother
Karpagam Wish-Yielding Tree
Lavanya Grace and Beauty
Nithya Always, Eternal
Ragini Musical Melody
Suganya Graceful and Virtuous
Varshini Rainy Season, Bringing Prosperity
Yamini Night, Nocturnal
Zahira Shining and Bright
Tharani Earth

List Of pure tamil baby girl names With Meaning.

  • Abirami – Goddess Lakshmi
  • Ezhil – Beauty
  • Ishwari – Goddess
  • Jeevitha – Life
  • Kaviya – Poetess or Beautiful
  • Lakshita – Distinguished
  • Maithili – Princess of Mithila
  • Nandhini – Goddess Durga
  • Oormila – Daughter of King Janaka
  • Pavani – Purifying
  • Rithika – Joyful, Auspicious
  • Shalini – Modesty
  • Trisha – Wish or Desire
  • Uthra – Brilliant, Splendid
  • Vaishali – An ancient city
  • Wafa – Faithful
  • Xara – Princess
  • Yasmin – Jasmine flower
  • Zaara – Princess, Flower
  • Jyotsna – Moonlight
  • Vidya – Knowledge, Wisdom
  • Aaradhya – Worshiped
  • Charul – Beautiful
  • Ishika – Paint brush, Sacred
  • Prisha – Beloved, Loving
  • Sarika – Beautiful like a parrot
  • Tanirika – A flower
  • Vidhisha – Intelligent, Wise
  • Yashika – Success, Glory
  • Ziva – Radiance, Brightness

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Tips to Choose Name:

  1. Research and Explore: Take your time to look into different name options. Find names that are unique and meaningful.
  2. Ask for Opinions: Discuss your name choices with family and friends. Their suggestions might help you find the perfect name.
  3. Consider Spelling and Pronunciation: Choose a name that is easy to spell and say. Complicated names can lead to confusion.
  4. Be Creative: Don’t be afraid to mix and match names to create something unique for your baby.


Finding Pure Tamil names for girls on the internet is a challenging task because along with Pure Tamil names, other names are also mixed. But I have made this difficult task easy for you because all the names on this page are pure Tamil.

Here, you will find all kinds of names like Pure, Ancient, Old, Traditional, and Historical.

Now, save this page so that it’s easy for you to decide on a name during the Namakaranam ceremony.

Thank You.

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