199+ Tamil King Names For Baby Boy With Meaning

Tamil Nadu is located in the southern part of India, and its history is filled with kings and rulers. Every parent wishes for their son to become a brave person, and they choose a name based on that. If you are also inspired by the kings of Tamil Nadu and want to name your son after them, then there is good news for you. In this blog post, you will find a list of Tamil king names for baby boys along with their meanings. You can explore them and select the name you like.

Fun fact about Tamil Nadu's Dynastic History.

On This Page, you’ll find two types of names. Firstly, a list of names with meanings related to king, emperor, and prince. Secondly, an extensive list of names of kings who have ruled Tamil Nadu

Tamil King Names For Baby Boy

Name Meaning
Rajveer King of Kings
Aditya The Sun
Raja King
Yuvraj Prince
Veerendra King of Braves
Mahendra Great King
Rajendra King of Kings
Harshvardhan One who increases happiness
Rajat Silver
Jayant Conqueror
Samrat Emperor
Virat Giant; Massive; Grand
Brijendra King of Brij (Lord Krishna’s place)
Raghav Descendant of Raghu (referring to Lord Rama, who is often regarded as a noble and royal figure)
Darsh Sight (suggesting a majestic presence)
Utkarsh Prosperity (indicating a flourishing and regal life)
Pratap Valour (reflecting courage and royal demeanor)
Yashwardhan Wealthy
Harendra King of deer (depicting grace and nobility)
Rithvik Saint; Prince
Murali King of Earth
Somendra Lord of the Moon
Divyansh Divine Particles
Aryan Noble; Warrior
Kunal Lotus (symbolic of purity and royalty)
Rishabh Superior; Morally Excellent
Vivaan Full of Life
Aarav Peaceful; Wisdom
Arjun Bright; Shining; White
Shourya Bravery; Courage
Vedant End of the Vedas; Ultimate Wisdom

A list of eight Tamil king names for baby boys: Rajveer, Aditya, Yuvraj, Veerendra, Rajendra, Harshvardhan, Jayant, and Virat.

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Ancient Tamil King Names

1. Karikala Cholan:

Meaning: “The man with the charred leg”

Achievements: Conquered Early Chola Kingdom, defeated Pandias and Cheras. Built the enduring ‘Kallanai’ dam on the Cauvery, a testament to engineering brilliance even after a millennium.

2. Raja Raja Cholan:

Meaning: “King of Kings”

Achievements: Expanded Chola rule to South India and parts of Sri Lanka. Constructed the magnificent Brihadeeshwara Temple in Thanjavur with a granite rock tower that stands tall to this day.

3. Rajendra Cholan I:

Meaning: “Bringer of the Ganges”

Achievements: Expanded Chola territory to Indonesia and the Ganga banks. Renamed as ‘Gangai Konda Cholan’ for his remarkable conquests. Established a formidable Chola navy.

4. Nedunchezhiyan I:

Achievements: Early Pandian ruler who conquered the Himalayas, earning the epithet ‘Aariyappadai Kadandha Nedunchezhiyan.’ His tragic end due to a wrong judgment is immortalized in ‘Silappadhikaram.’

5. Nedunchezhiyan II:

Achievements: Early Pandian King who recaptured Madurai at a young age and earned the title ‘Thalayananganathu Cheru Vendra Pandian’ after defeating combined armies at Thalayananganam Battle.

6. Sadayavarman Sundara Pandiyan I:

Achievements: Great Pandian ruler in the 12th century, extending Pandian rule across South India. Subjugated the Cholas, captured parts of Sri Lanka, and witnessed the zenith of the Pandian Dynasty under his reign.

7. Cheran Senguttuvan:

Meaning: “Prince who conquered up to the Himalayas”

Achievements: Strengthened Chera Country, rivaled Cholas and Pandias. Led expeditions to the Himalayas, defeating north Indian rulers, and built a temple for Kannagi, the heroine of Silappathikaram.

8. Mahendravarman I:

Achievements: Pallava ruler known for building temples in Kancheepuram. Successfully negotiated peace with Pulikesi of Chalukya, contributing to the preservation of heritage in Kanchipuram.

9. Narasimhavarman I:

Achievements: Son of Mahendra Varman, he led an expedition to Vadapi, built the iconic Mamallapuram shore temple, and flourished Mamallapuram as a principal port city, now recognized as a UNESCO heritage site.

10. Koon Pandiyan:

Meaning: “The hunch-backed Pandyan”

Achievements: Ruled Madurai around the 7th century. Converted from Jainism to Shaivism under the influence of Sambandar, who cured his hunched back. Renamed as Sundara Pandya, meaning “Beautiful Pandyan.”

11. Kadungon:

Achievements: Pandya king credited with reviving Pandya rule in South India in the 6th century CE. Together with the Pallava king Simhavishnu, he ended the Kalabhra rule, marking the beginning of a new era in the Tamil-speaking region.

Unique Traits of Tamil King Names

Tamil king names have a long history and are important because they connect to famous groups and individuals. Each name has a special meaning, often showing good qualities like courage and wisdom. These names come from various cultures in Tamil areas, like Cholas and Pallavas. They feel royal and strong, making them good choices for important names. Even though these names are old, you can change them a bit to make them fit with today’s times, keeping them fresh and meaningful.

Tips for Choosing a Kingly Name for Your Baby Boy

  1. Consider family traditions and ask elders for advice.
  2. Find a balance between history and modern style.
  3. Understand the meaning of the name and choose one that fits your values.
  4. Pick a name that is easy to pronounce.
  5. Feel proud of your culture by choosing a name rooted in Tamil history.
  6. Check if the name sounds good globally.
  7. Connect the name to your family’s heritage.
  8. Get inspired by historical figures in Tamil culture.
  9. Try modern variations or spellings for a fresh touch.

I hope you will like these Tamil King Names for Baby Boys. Choose a name that resonates with pride and connects your child to a rich heritage. Embrace the legacy and make a choice that reflects your family’s values.


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