Unique Tamil Girl baby Names – Starting With S

Do you want to select a name for your baby that starts with the letter S? Finding a name that specifically starts with the letter S for a female can be challenging. However, I have made this task easier for you. On this page, I have provided a list of Tamil Girl baby Names That Start with S. With the help of this list; you can easily select a name for your little girl.

Here’s an interesting fact: you will find names of all kinds here, including modern, traditional, unique, spiritual, short and sweet names. Along with the Tamil names, we will also provide their English pronunciation and meaning. This will help you in selecting the perfect name for your little girl.

List of girl baby names starting with s in tamil.

Tamil Girl Baby Names Starting With S

Name in Tamil Name in English Meaning
சாகரிகா Sagarika Related to the ocean
சாஹார்யா Saaharya Helpful or supportive
சாஹினி Saahini Gentle and calm
சாஹித்யா Saahithya Literature or knowledge
சாஜனா Saajana Beloved or dear one
சாஜுரா Saajura Graceful and elegant
சாக்ஷணி Saakshani Witness or observer
சாக்ஷயினி Saakshayini Perceptive and discerning
சாமந்தி Saamandhi Harmonious relationship
சாமந்தி Saamanthi Connected or related
சாம்பவி Saambhavi Enthusiastic and energetic

Traditional Tamil Girl Baby Names

Name in Tamil Name in English Meaning
சரஸ்வதி Saraswathi pooling water
சுபிக்ஷா Subiksha Blessing
செல்வம் Selvam Wealth
சங்கீதா Sangeetha Music
ஸௌம்யா Sowmya Gentle or Peaceful
ஶ்ரீதேவி Sridevi Goddess
ஷண்முகப்ரியா Shanmugapriya Beloved of Lord
சுதா Sudha Nectar
சுந்தரி Sundari Beautiful Girl
சுபாஷிணி Subhashini One with Good Speech
சத்யாவதி Sathyavathi Knowledge of Truth
சுகாந்தி Suganthi Fragrance
ஶ்ரீவித்யா Srividya Goddess Lakshmi’s Knowledge
ஶ்ரீமதி Srimathi Respected Lady
ஸ்வர்ணலதா Swarnalatha Golden Creeper
சிவகாமி Sivakami Beloved of Lord Shiva
ஶ்ரीலேகா Srilekha Lata of Goddess
சாந்தி Shanthi Peace
சௌந्तर்யா Soundarya Beauty
சுப்புலக்ஷ்மி Subbulakshmi Goddess Lakshmi
சிவசங்கரி Sivasankari Beloved of Lord
 சரஸு Sarasu Swan
சுசீலா Suseela Good Character


Modern Tamil Girl Baby Names

Name in Tamil Name in English Meaning
சாணிகா Sanika Flute, Melodious
சியோனா Siyona Graceful
சமிகா Samika Peaceful
ஸ்ரீதா Sritha Beloved of Goddess Lakshmi
ஷ்ரேயா Shreya Best, Beautiful
ஸமைரா Samaira Enchanting
ஸெரினா Serina Peaceful
சைஷா Saisha With Great Dignity
ஸ்வரா Swara Melody
சாஹிதி Sahithi Literature
சியோனா Syona Graceful
ஸிம்ரான் Simran Remembrance
ஸ்நேஹா Sneha Love
ஸான்வி Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
ஸான்யா Sanya Defender of Men
ஸாணிகா Saanika Goddess Durga
சாரிகா Saarika A Cuckoo Bird
ஷாலிகா Shalika Modest, Virtuous
ஷ்ரவ்யா Shravya Famous

A List of Modern Tamil Baby Names Starting With Letter S in English Alphabet.

Hindu Baby Girl names Starting With S in Tamil

Name in Tamil Name in English Meaning
சரஸ்வதி Saraswati Goddess of Knowledge and Arts
சீதா Sita Goddess Sita, Wife of Lord Rama
சக்தி Shakti Divine Energy and Power
ஶ்ரீம் Shreem Sacred Sound of the Goddess
ஷரண்யா Sharanya One who Provides Shelter
ஸ்நேஹல் Snehal Affectionate
சூர்யா Surya The Sun
சஞ்ஜனா Sanjana Gentle
ஷுபா Shubha Auspicious
ஷுபாங்கி Shubhangi One who Looks Beautiful
ஸுமன் Suman Good Mind
ஸுஷ்மா Sushma Beautiful
ஷைலஜா Shailaja Daughter of the Mountain
ஷுப்ரா Shubhra Bright and White
ஸ்வேதா Sweta Pure and White
சுபர்ணா Subarna Golden
ஸுமிதா Sumita Good Friend
ஸ்ரத்தா Sraddha Devotion
ஷாரதா Sharada Goddess Saraswati
ஷ்ருதி Shruthi Holy Scripture
சௌஜன்ய Sowjanya Pure and Gentle
ஶ்ரீதேவி Sridevi Goddess Lakshmi
ஷாந்தி Shanti Peace
ஷ்ருதிகா Shruthika Goddess Saraswati
ஸுவிகா Suvika Auspicious

Muslim Tamil Baby Girl Names in Tamil

Name in Tamil Name in English Meaning
ஸமினா Samina Healthy, Safe
ஸைரா Saira Princess
ஷாஹீன் Shaheen Falcon
ஸல்மா Salma Safe, Peaceful
ஸாபியா Safiyah Pure, Untroubled
ஸானா Sanaa Brilliance, Radiance
ஸபீன் Sabeen Wild Jasmine
ஷீரீன் Shireen Sweet
ஸபிஹா Sabiha Morning
ஷாஜியா Shazia Rare, Extraordinary
ஷிரீஷா Shireesha Flower
ஸபிரா Sabira Enduring, Patient
ஷைனா Shaina Beautiful
ஸாதியா Saadiya Lucky, Fortunate
ஷாஹானா Shahana Queen
ஷாமிலா Shamila Beautiful
ஸபினா Sabina Beautiful
ஸாஃபா Safa Pure, Innocent
ஷப்நாம் Shabnam Dew
ஷைஸ்தா Shaista Well-behaved, Polite
ஸபீகா Sabeeka Wife of Prophet Muhammad
ஸாஹிரா Sahira Wakeful
ஷகுப்தா Shagufta Blooming
ஸமீரா Samira Companion in Evening Talk
ஷாஜாதி Shahzadi Princess

Pure Tamil Baby Girl names starting with S

Name in Tamil Name in English  Meaning
ஸுகிதா Sugitha Beautifully sung
ஸ்ரிஷ்டி Srishti Creation
ஷாந்தினி Shanthini Calm; Quiet.
ஷாயனி Shayani Clever
ஷிவதி Shivanthi Consort of Lord Shiva
ஸுகாந்திகா Suganthika Beautiful
ஷாலினி Shalini Modest and virtuous

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Pure Tamil Girl Baby Names Starting With S.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name

  • Meaning Matters: Choose a name with a meaning that matters to you.
  • Cultural Touch: Honor your background with a culturally significant name.
  • Easy Pronunciation: Pick a name easy to say in both Tamil and English.
  • Unique or Familiar: Decide if you want a unique or familiar name.
  • Nickname-Friendly: Consider potential nicknames you’re comfortable with.
  • Traditional Yet Modern: Find a name that balances tradition and modernity.
  • Sibling Harmony: Think about how the name fits with siblings.
  • Follow Instincts: Trust your instincts; go with a name that feels right.

Remember, the process of choosing a name is a personal and meaningful one. Take your time, enjoy the journey, and celebrate the arrival of your little one with the perfect name, starting with the letter S.


I have compiled a list of over 200 names for Tamil baby girls, all starting with the letter ‘S’. Whether you are searching for a traditional, modern, Muslim, Hindu, or pure Tamil name, my categorization will make your search easier. Each name comes with its English pronunciation and meaning, allowing you to assess its significance before making your selection. I hope you find this blog post helpful in your quest for the perfect name for your baby girl.

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