2 Easiest Ways To Tag Everyone in WhatsApp Group

2 Easiest Ways To Tag Everyone in WhatsApp Group

If you Are searching a Method to tag everyone in a WhatsApp group? Your search ends here because today I will show you how to tag all members. But before I dive into that, let me explain what a WhatsApp group is and why the mention feature is important in a group.

A WhatsApp group is a feature of WhatsApp where a bunch of people can be added who can talk to each other and share files. It’s a feature similar to a chatroom. Most people create it to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues. This allows everyone in the group to send messages and share important files all at once.

Quick Tips On How to tag Everyone in a WhatsApp group.

If the size of a WhatsApp group is large and people send a lot of messages in it, many messages can be missed. To capture Someone’s attention in a busy group, use the Tag feature.

Whether you want to tag Everyone in the WhatsApp group or a single user, read this blog post because both methods are explained here. You’ll also find important information about the WhatsApp group Tag feature.

How Tag Features Works

Before we learn how to tag a member in a WhatsApp group, let’s understand how this mentioned feature works. When we type the “@” symbol in the group chat, a list of all members is displayed, and we can select any member from that list. When we choose members from the list and Send a Message, they receive a notification informing them that they have been mentioned in the specific group.

How To Tag A Person in WhatsApp Group

This feature is used in different situations. Often in a group discussion where an important topic is being discussed but some members are not active, you can tag them. This way, they will see the notification and likely view the group message. Sometimes, when multiple people are messaging in the group, you can mention a specific person to bring clarity to whom you are addressing.

On mobile

To tag a single person on WhatsApp if you’re a mobile user, follow this tutorial:

1. First, open the WhatsApp group.

2. Type the “@” symbol. You will see a list of all group members.

Typing the '@' symbol in the group chat, which prompts a list of all group members to appear.

3. Select the members you want to mention.

Selecting specific whatsApp group members from the list to mention in your message.

4. After selecting the member, you can write your message and tap the send button.

Writing your message after selecting the member and tapping the send button to mention them in the WhatsApp group chat.

On Web Version

If you have a laptop or desktop and you use the web version, then follow this tutorial:

1. First, open WhatsApp Web in your browser.

2. Open the WhatsApp group.

3. Now, type the “@” symbol.

4. Select the member you want to mention.

5. Write your message, press the Enter button, or click the Send icon. (It appears on the right side and looks like a paper plane.)

Tag Everyone in the WhatsApp Group

You may have noticed that in a large group, many members mute the group due to frequent notifications. Let’s Suppose some members have muted Your group, and You want to make an urgent announcement, provide important information, or send an invitation and you want to ensure that no member misses your message. In this situation, you can use the “Tag Everyone” option.

On Mobile

1. First, open the WhatsApp application.

2. Open the WhatsApp group.

3. In the Message Box, type the “@” symbol.

4. To select multiple members, you need to type the “@” symbol again and Again and select all group members one by one (as shown in the image below).

Screenshot Example of tagging Multiple Memebers in WhatsApp Group.

5. Type your message, then press the send button to share it with the mentioned group members.

On WhatsApp Web

1. Open WhatsApp Web in your browser.

2. Log in to your WhatsApp account.

3. Open the WhatsApp group.

4. Type the “@” symbol in the Message Box.

5. To add all members, type the “@” symbol for each username and select members one by one.


I hope you now understand how to mention both single and multiple individuals in a WhatsApp group. If you are still confused, let me repeat it once again. To tag someone, you need to use the “@” symbol. When you type this symbol, a list of all group members will be displayed.

If you want to tag a single member, select that member.

If you want to tag multiple members, first select one member, then type the “@” symbol again, and the list will reappear. Repeat this process until you have selected all the members you want to tag.

Remember: you should use this feature only when you want to grab someone’s attention or convey an important message. Using this feature repeatedly without a valid reason can lead to spamming. When that happens, group members might not consider the mentioned notifications important and might ignore them.


Can all members be tagged in WhatsApp by typing @Everyone?

No, you can’t tag all members in WhatsApp by typing “@Everyone” like in Facebook Groups. WhatsApp doesn’t have that feature; you need to manually add members to the tag list one by one. (Source).

When was the tagging feature introduced in WhatsApp groups?

The tagging feature was introduced in WhatsApp groups around the year 2016. (Source).

Can I tag someone not in the group?

No, you cannot mention someone who is not in the group.

Can I find messages where people mentioned me?

When you are mentioned in any group, you receive a notification, and in the chat list, the group where you were mentioned is marked with a green ‘@’ symbol. This makes it easy for you to know in which group you have been mentioned.

How can I reply if Someone mentions me?

  1. Tap on the message and then slide to the right side.
  2. Write Your Reply.
  3. Tap on the Send Icon

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