Quickly Delete a WhatsApp Group Permanently

How To Delete a WhatsApp Group Permanently

If you are an admin of a WhatsApp group and you want to remove it but you don’t know how to do it there’s no need to worry. Today I will Teach you how to delete a WhatsApp group permanently.

I had also created multiple WhatsApp groups but I didn’t have enough time to manage all of them. That’s why I removed a few groups.

But I made some mistakes due to which the group was only removed from my side but other members were still in it. Then I researched on the Internet and found out how to remove a WhatsApp group for everyone.

There are some important settings that you need to apply Before removing A Group.

Whether you are an iOS, Desktop, or Android user you will find the complete working method for all devices here.

Let’s start.

Pre Removal Settings

Before removing a WhatsApp group, we need to do 2 important tasks.

First, we have to remove all the group members so that the group becomes empty.

Second, we need to reset the group join link because we might have shared the link with many people or submitted it to Google, which could allow people to join through the link in the future. If we reset the link, the old link will stop working.

Removing All Members

To remove group members, follow this method:

1. Open the WhatsApp group.

2. You will see the group name at the top tap on it.

3. Now scroll down and tap on “View All.” Here, you will find the list of all members.

4. Tap on a member, then tap on “Remove,” and tap on “Ok.”

Screenshots showing step-by-step instructions for removing a member from WhatsApp group.

To remove all group members you need to repeat this process until the group becomes empty.

Reset Invite Link

To reset the Join Link of your WhatsApp group, follow this method:

1. Firstly you need to open the WhatsApp group for which you want to reset the link.

2. Tap on the Group name or tap on the three dots and open “Group info.”

3. Now tap on “Invite Via Link.”

4. After that when you tap on “Reset Link” a confirmation popup message will appear. Tap on “Reset Link” again.

Screenshots Guide Step by step How To reset WhatsApp Group Link . .

You just need to follow these simple steps, and your invite URL will be changed. The old URL will be deactivated.


How To Delete WhatsApp Group Permanently

Deleting a WhatsApp group is very simple. However, due to WhatsApp’s regular updates, the options placement can change slightly. But on this page, you will get the Method based on the latest Updated 2023 version. I have also attached images for easier understanding.

In addition, I have explained the method for Android, iOS, and Desktop devices separately.

Important Notice: Before deleting the group, you need to make some important settings as I have explained in the “Pre Removal Settings” section. You must reset the link, remove all members, and delete the chat.

On Android

If you are an Android user, follow this method to delete a WhatsApp group:

1. First, open the WhatsApp group that you want to delete.

2. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner, then select the “Group info” option.

3. Scroll down and tap on “Exit Group” A confirmation popup message will appear. Tap on “Exit”.

4. In the final step, tap on “Delete Group,” and your WhatsApp group will be removed permanently.

On iPhone

To delete a WhatsApp group for everyone on an iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Open the WhatsApp group.

2. Tap on the group name shown at the top.

3. Scroll down and tap on “Exit group.”

4. Tap on “Delete group” to confirm. You will see a message for confirmation, tap on “Delete group” again.

On WhatsApp Web

Follow this method to remove a WhatsApp group on your desktop or laptop:

1. First, log in to your WhatsApp account on WhatsApp Web.

2. Open the WhatsApp account that you want to remove.

3. Click on the three dots on the right side, then select the “Group info” option.

4. Scroll down and Click on “Exit group,” then click on “Exit group” again.

5. Now click on “Delete Group.”

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I hope you found this blog post enjoyable. In this post, I have made an effort to teach you how to permanently delete a WhatsApp group, and I have explained the step-by-step methods for Android, iPhone, and WhatsApp Web separately. This will allow you to learn easily.

Before removing a WhatsApp group, remember the tips I’ve mentioned for pre-removal settings. Resetting the invite link and removing all group members are essential steps to follow.

Have a good time managing your group!


Can I delete a group without removing all members, or is it necessary to remove all members first?

To delete a WhatsApp group, it’s necessary to remove all members first. This ensures that no one remains in the group.

Can I delete a group if I am no longer the group admin?

If you’re not the group admin, you cannot delete the group. You must request the admin to perform this action.

What is the purpose of resetting the group’s invite link, and is it essential?

Resetting the group’s invite link is essential to prevent anyone from using the old link to join the group in the future. It’s a vital privacy and security measure.

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